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An easy way to remove acne scars

An easy way to remove acne scars

Occasionally acne develops in the mouth and at one point it causes blemishes. Apart from this, there are many spots on the face. Which is known as mechta. Many are embarrassed by these spots. Because these spots spoil the beauty of the face. One of the important conditions of beauty is perfect facial skin.

But beauty is the next thing, before that many suffer with the various facial scars. Because they don’t know the stain is the way to go. For this, the market uses a variety of creams and lotions. It does not get such a result. Besides, these creams have various side effects on the current cream, lotion. In this case, there are a few ways you can relax. Which will enhance the beauty of your skin’s scars.

Now let’s know about the domestic procedure …

Do what you can to remove acne scars

• Mix a little rose water with sandalwood powder and apply it on the face. Then rinse with cold water. Get the benefit

• Apply honey on acne scars daily. The stain will fade. However, it is important to be careful whether there are any side effects to the use of honey.

• Cucumber, potato juice are very useful for removing oily and common skin spots. Wash juice with potato juice, potato juice for 5 minutes. If you can take care of the skin in this way every day, you will benefit.

• To remove only oily skin stains, make a pack by mixing tuck yogurt, lemon juice and flour. Use it two days a week. Get the results very soon.

• When you apply aloe vera juice on acne spots daily it will quickly fade.

• Use oily skin in a mix of clay, lemon juice and mint. It will increase the brightness and reduce the stain.

• Apply lavender oil when mixed and blemishes on the skin.

• You can use ripe banana paste to reduce any skin spots.

• Mix garlic and cloves and apply before bedtime every night. Get up in the morning and wash your face.

• Coconut oil and T-tree oil can be used twice daily to replace stains.

• Put tomato juice in the mouth and wash for 3-5 minutes. It will also remove stains.

• You can use raw yellow and honey mixture.

This is how to remove the scent of mechta

• You can apply lemon juice regularly.

• Can be used in combination with powdered milk and glycerin.

• Apply aloe vera gel and potato paste regularly.

• Lightly rub the face with aroma oil and honey. Then rinse with water. Get the benefit

• Orange lemon powder and powder mixed with milk can be used regularly. Get quick results.

• Lemon juice, a little vinegar may be used in place of mechita. Anyone can mix a small amount of water with it.

• Make a pack by mixing lemon juice, honey and raw papaya. This is very effective in reducing stains.

However, if there are more spots, please consult a doctor. It is important to use cosmetics that are appropriate for your skin.

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