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Here are 3 home ways to remove facial scars

Here are 3 home ways to remove facial scars

When the skin is covered with acne, acne or dark spots under the eyes, the beauty of the face is lost. It is a shame to stand in front of a mirror with this face. Although it is possible to hide the stain by applying makeup, it is not possible to remove it.

However, it is possible to remove these scars from the mouth if you are able to resort to domestic methods. These ways are mentioned:


Potato juice works well to remove black spots on the face. In this case, mix a little honey with potato juice and apply it on the face. When dry, rinse with clean water.

Milk and honey

Mix milk and honey together and put on black spots for ten minutes. Then wash the face with water. After a few days of use, the stain on your face will disappear.


Aloeva gel or juice, gently massage on the facial scars. Using it every day will help to brighten the skin by removing the scars on your face. In that case take the juice out of the aloe vera. The face should be thoroughly washed before applying the juice. Then massage the juice by mouth. You can also use aloevara gel to create a mask.

Cucumber and tomatoes

Cucumber and tomato are both effective in maintaining face brightness and moisture. Make a paste with a few slices of cucumber, mix it with a little honey and apply it on the face. Cut the tomatoes and rub gently on the face. Then rinse with water when dry.

Ripe papaya

The ripe papaya helps to remove black spots. In this case, put the ripe papaya paste on the face for 20 minutes. You can also mix it with a little lemon juice. When dry, rinse with water.


Lemon is very effective in removing black spots. Vitamin C-rich lemon juice enhances the brightness of the skin and eliminates dark spots. Sprinkle lemon juice on the stain for a while, then rinse with water when dry.

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