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Tips for solving acne-rash problems

Tips for solving acne-rash problems

The primary condition of beauty is perfect, radiant skin. But sometimes acne or rash becomes an obstacle to this beauty. For many, this problem is deadly! The right treatment can relieve acne, rash problems, but the drugs or creams available on the market are expensive for her. In addition, there is the fear of side effects from the ointment or gel used in the treatment of acne, rash. However, acne, rash problems can be solved in natural ways. Let’s find out how to solve acne, rash problems, 7 useless herbal tips –


Pneumonia is a highly effective antibacterial component. So make a mixture by mixing sandalwood powder with acne, pimples and nympatas bait. Apply this mixture to the affected part of the skin and wash it for a couple of minutes. Get the benefit

The juice of Patilibur

Those whose mouths are excessively acne, they put the juice of Patilibur at least 2-3 times a day in acne-infected areas. But do not leave for more than 3-5 minutes. Wash after that. As long as the problem is lessened, use this method. You will get the fruit in a hatchet.

Ripe papaya

Mix one tablespoon of ripe papaya sauce with it, add one teaspoon of potella juice and rice powder as needed. Rub this mixture all over the body with your mouth. Rinse for 20-20 minutes and then rinse. In addition to papaya, in this case you can use the juice of Ghatakumari. Get the benefit

Rose water

Rose water is very effective in acne, rash and throughout. Regular use of rose water reduces acne scars. Mix rose water with cinnamon powder and apply it on acne and wash it for a couple of minutes. Acne infection, itching and pain will be greatly reduced.

Mint leaf juice

Make mint juice with mint leaf juice. Rub this ice cube of rash and acne for 2-3 minutes. It will reduce the rash and acne infection as well as irritate the skin.

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