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What to do if you have abdominal pain?

What to do if you have abdominal pain?

Sudden abdominal pain. Don’t understand whether it’s gastric or anything else. You do not know what to eat, to whom to go, or to whom. The exact location of the abdominal pain, type, concomitant symptoms, etc. have to be decided. There are the necessary tests. The first thing to notice is the abdominal pain, not the abdomen. If the pain is pointing with one finger at the top, where is it right, or left? Where is the pain spreading? Is it bite or chinchin or irritated? Do you have nausea, nausea, feces problems etc. Does playing something lead to an empty stomach?

What can be the type of abdominal pain?

  • Peptic ulcer or gastric pain usually begins in the middle of the abdomen. It leads to an empty stomach, sometimes to chinchines, sometimes to irritation. It can be accompanied by nausea, talk dhakur, stomach upset etc. Antacid or other gastric medicines are quite relieved.
  • Inflammation of the pancreas can occur in the same place or on the left side. But the pain is intense, felt in the back. The patient cries in pain. Leaning forward is comfortable. May have vomiting with.
  • Right upper abdominal pain may be due to inflammation or stones in the bile. This pain also spreads to the back of the right side, causing nausea. This leads to eating especially fatty foods. Liver inflammation also causes pain in the same place. Symptoms indicate pain, with fever, jaundice, anorexia, etc. Hepatitis or inflammation in the liver. When the liver is boiled, the pain is exacerbated, accompanied by fever with trembling.
  • If there is a stone, inflammation or infection in the upper or left kidney on the abdomen, then there is pain on the side and back. The pain gradually spreads down and spreads on the floor. Kidney pain is intense, releases a little, and comes back. Along with nausea, tremors may occur.
  • If the pain from the middle of the navel spreads to the right side of the lower abdomen, there is pain in the hand, there is a gradual increase in severity, whether it is appendicitis or not.
  • Indicates urinary tract infections and fever urinary tract infections with abdominal pain. Girls may suffer from various problems of the uterus and ovaries.
  • Pain is common in general gallstones, food poisoning and indigestion. Nausea, abdominal sounds, thin closet, etc. Again, constipation also causes abdominal pain.
  • Warning signs like weight loss, anemia, weakness, etc. with chronic abdominal pain. Symptoms of bowel cancer or TB are stomach pain. So do not look down on your abdominal pain. What to do if you have abdominal pain?
    If you feel abdominal pain due to gas and do not show any other risky symptoms, then you can give gas medication. Can give syrup. There are many drugs to relieve the pain. But make sure your risk factors aren’t. There is nothing to worry about if there is a sudden problem, whether it is vomiting or not, there is a fever. Treatment is done only initially.

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