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Why is abdominal pain? What to do if you have abdominal pain

Why is abdominal pain? What to do if you have abdominal pain

Lying in the room, abdominal pain suddenly started. You didn’t even understand how it was. This was pretty good until a few moments ago. But now there is unbearable pain in the stomach. You must have thought it was from Gastric. Again, no, it was probably a surprise. The pain is sometimes in the middle of the stomach, sometimes near the navel on the floor. Sometimes chinchina, sometimes very pain.

What do you do at this time! You do not understand why this pain is, so you do not understand how to reduce it. So, today we have come from Dasbawas to give some details on this important matter.

Why is abdominal pain

You can solve it only when you can better understand where the problem is. One of the causes of pain is in one place. So first of all it is important to know what are the areas we are facing for stomach ache.

১. Ulcers or gastric problems

Stomach pain due to peptic ulcer or gastric problems. In that case, the pain starts with the middle of the abdomen. Abdominal cramps, sometimes irritable pain. Along with this is talk dank, nausea. It can be very sweaty at times.

  1. Problems with pancreas If there is pain for inflammation of the pancreas, it will rub slightly left on the abdomen. The pain is severe and can be felt in the back. It may also be accompanied by nausea. ৩. The stones in the kidney If you have a kidney stone or an infection, you still have abdominal pain. In that case, the pain is that the kidneys have pain in the upper abdomen and back of the kidney. The pain gradually crept toward the floor. The pain is severe and at times, it begins to relieve the pain. He may have nausea and fever. ৪. Appendicitis If you have appendicitis that causes a lot of pain in the abdomen. In this case, the pain from the middle of the navel spreads to the floor. If you press your hand there you will feel intense chinchina pain. ৫. Stone in bile Abdominal pain begins if there is stones or inflammation in the bile. The pain spreads to the right side of the abdomen and back. This can lead to severe nausea. Pain in the abdomen, accompanied by fever, jaundice and craving for food are the main symptoms in this case. Other reasons 2 ১. For girls, there may be problems with the uterus or ovaries. She also has severe abdominal pain. The urinary tract may be accompanied by abdominal pain. May come with mild fever.
  2. If you have constipation then the chances of stomach pain are very high. The whole stomach seems to be full of pain in the area and stomach aches for a long time. Nothing can make peace. ৩. If there is food poisoning, or indigestion in any way, then it is normal to have abdominal pain. And we all know the pain of acute chinchina near the navel on the floor when there is a normal gaze. ৪. Even if you have cancer in the gut, you will have severe stomach pain. With it there is weight loss, anemia, weakness. You can go sweating too.

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