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Must be done to prevent respiratory and lung diseases

Must be done to prevent respiratory and lung diseases

  • Smoking during pregnancy puts the mother and unborn children at serious risk. Everyone, including women, should stop smoking
  • In the city of Dhaka, if any work is done on the road, day after day, soil and waste are left behind. The City Corporation, WASA, Rajuk must be aware of this
  • Health education needs to be taken seriously in the education curriculum
  • Tobacco cigarettes, jordans, roses, white leaves are deadly anyway. It is important to give up the habit
  • Many people cannot buy medicines due to lack of money. Breathing, asthma should take the initiative to reduce the cost of such a drug Discussion Abdul Qayyum: Respiratory and lung diseases are increasing in Bangladesh. It is a disease that causes chronic illness and is also considered to be a leading cause of death. However, the disease can be prevented by taking certain precautions and restrictions at the individual and society level.
    World CoPD (Long-Term Respiratory Disease) Day will be celebrated on 7 November every year to raise public awareness on the issue. This day will be celebrated simultaneously in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. Asif Mujtaba Mahmood will discuss this issue now. Asif Mujtaba Mahmood Asif Mujtaba Mahmood: The Bangladesh Lang Foundation slogan is ‘Breath for Life’. The lungs work on our breathing. There are some other organs involved in the body, called the respiratory system.
    There are two lungs in the human body. They are suffering from a serious illness today. That’s why today’s discussion is very important. There is a forum for respiratory diseases in the world. It’s called The Forum for International Respiratory Societies.
    This forum addresses five fatal disorders in their Global Burden on Respiratory Disease article. The diseases are lung infection, asthma, COPD, tuberculosis and lung cancer.
    COPD ranks fourth among the world’s leading cause of death. The World Health Organization estimates that the disease will rise to number three by 2021.
    A Lancet study discusses five causes of death in our country. Two of these five are related to respiration. Third and fourth place are COPD and diabetes. Fifth is the infection of the lower extremities of the lungs. These risks are increasing rapidly for environmental pollution, smoking, population densities, poverty, rapid urbanization, unplanned industrialization, climate change, lack of awareness, poor health care system. Hopefully, the Tobacco Control Act has been amended. Taxes on tobacco have been increased. The number of tuberculosis patients is decreasing. Now we all need to be aware and take more effective initiatives. Abhishek Ahmedbashir Ahmed: This year, the COPD Day slogan ‘Bridge in the Knowledge’ will be known in the knowledge. According to a report by the London-based public health-affairs journal Lancet, COPD kills 1,212 people a year in Bangladesh. The disease is now the third cause of death.
    Currently, about 1 million people suffer from COPD in the country. But it is a preventable disease. If everyone is aware of the person, family, society, then no one will die from the disease.
    Chronic respiratory disease is a human-caused disease. The main cause of the disease is smoking and air pollution. Stopping smoking alone will reduce COPD disease by 5 percent. The second major cause of COPD is air pollution. According to the World Health Organization estimates, 5 percent of the world’s population breathes polluted air. Every year, 100,000 people die of airborne diseases. About 100,000 people die from the disease in Southeast Asia.
    Air pollution in our country for two reasons. Vehicles and factory smoke. These fumes have very harmful toxic substances. For this, there is a long-term respiratory disease in the lungs. Treating lung infections is a challenge. There are 5 chest specialists for the treatment of this disease. However it is less than needed. Now, at the capital, district, upazila level, doctors will be required to appoint chest pains, supply necessary medicines and equipment. If you take initiative in these matters, I will be able to improve rapidly in preventing this disease. Erosion Aura Begum Motion Aura Begum: Breathing is a very important issue. Many children have shortness of breath. Parents keep these secrets in marriage. Girls come to the hospital during pregnancy. Mother-in-law lives with many of them. Many of them suffer from severe respiratory problems. With the mother-in-law, the problem of breathing can not be said in any way. This is our reality.
    A married woman has to keep her breathing problem secret all her life. This number has increased a lot now. Nowadays, many pregnant women come to us with breathing problems and diabetes.
    The highest level of pollution in Dhaka city. I think everyone in the family is suffering from shortness of breath. Now not just asthma, influenza and pneumonia have also been rampant.
    During a woman’s pregnancy, breathing is much worse. There are good medicines for influenza and pneumonia. Before marriage, the girls who have breathing problems need to be treated on an urgent basis.
    In recent years, the prevalence of smoking has also increased. When the girl has a baby, she gets saliva out of her mouth. Then ask them if you or your spouse has any drugs. Then they admit that they took the drug. These women had children but were born ill. The rest of the child will have many problems. Women are not yet aware of this. They do not treat properly. There is no alternative to awareness on these matters.

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