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The most recent treatment of kidney and urology

The most recent treatment of kidney and urology

Advanced Center of Kidney and Urology (Acu), a specialized hospital for kidney and urology treatment in Shyamoli, Dhaka. The institute is a specialized center of Dhaka Central International Medical College and Hospital. The ‘ACKU Cares Your Kidney’ slogan has been able to gain special confidence in medical treatment since its inception in the 21st.

The specialty of Acura

Advanced Center of Kidney and Urology (Acu) specialists are quite experienced. Although the journey started with only five beds, the bed now stands at 20 in Aku. There are 8 cabins with air-conditioned double bed facilities. In Bangladesh, the first thulium laser is operated to increase the prostate in the urine of older men. As a result, prostate operations are now much more risk-free and complex. Thulium laser does not create a male sexual dysfunction when performing a prostate operation. A special scientific article was also presented by Acu at an international conference held at the American Urology Association in Chicago on May 28, which received much appreciation.

About 5 kidney tumors have been operated by subtle perforation without cutting the abdomen. In addition, adrenal tumors, kidney cysts, congenital kidney mouth closure, ureter attachment to the urethra are treated in a laparoscopic manner. Here, the operation of closing the mouth of the kidney with the birth of only one and a half month old baby was successfully completed with three fine holes without cutting the abdomen, which is a record in Bangladesh.

As well as laser, kidney or kidney stones are being operated at very low cost. Acure is a German-made Siemens’ most advanced model of stone crush, so that the patient is left in bed for only two hours after the stone is removed and is shown to have no stone. Kidney stones are treated with a machine using a sophisticated and mini PCNL device, 3.5 FR ureteroscope and 1 FR flexible ureteroscope, the latest Nephroscope and Holmium laser.

Forty-four percent of the male population suffers from sexual dysfunction or disability. Here is Richard Wolf’s piezo wave machine from Germany for the permanent treatment of all sexually disabled men. Extremely subtle sound waves generated from it are created by flowing new blood vessels to circulate the blood of the kidneys. As a result, the bladder regains its youth and becomes fertile and reproductive, with no pain and side effects.

The most modern operation theater

Considering urology and kidney diseases, a completely separate state-of-the-art operating theater has been set up here. It has been added to the latest equipment like Thulium Laser, Jawadarshi 120 and Holmium Laser, which is not available in other Namidami hospitals in the country. The very fine instruments for laparoscopic surgery are the Needlescope, the 8mm telescope, etc. Operation Theatre’s High Definition Video Monitor and Camera / Any operation is performed with the help of Spice-1 and Spice-S.

Specialist Physician

Acura is headed by the Chairman of the Department of Urology at Dhaka Central International Medical College and Hospital, former Head of the Department of Urology, Dr Shahid Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital. Sohrab Hossain (Sourav) and Shahid Suhrawardy Medical College and Hospital Assistant Professor of Urology. Fazal Nasser. In addition to the dermatologist Dr. Shoaib Nomani, Dr. Salahuddin Firoz, Register Dr. Mirajul Islam Sumon, along with other specially trained doctors, nurses and all-time support staff.

Statement of Authority

Chairman of the Advanced Center of Kidney and Urology (Aku) Professor. Sohrab Hossain (Saurabh) said that Aku is dedicated to providing low cost treatment within the reach of the common people in kidney well being. We have created a ‘nest of happiness for the sick’, so that every patient who has the same kind of service as his own, should be able to recover quickly and return home with a smile.

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